Propertyware 101: Quick hits to get you up and running fast

Recorded September 27, 2018 at 1:00 pm CST | UTC/GMT -6

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Join Cassandra Rollins, Director, Product Marketing, Propertyware and her 3 Propertyware super users, Brandon Reed, Drew Sygit and Sam Matalone as they explain:

  • What tasks you can automate right out of the box
  • How Propertyware adapts to your business needs and model
  • And more!

Propertyware® reports, task automation and more at the ready…right now!

Discover what you can do immediately after getting Propertyware. From tasks and reporting to automation and increased staff efficiencies, become a power user on your way to growing your business and being more productive with your time while doing more with less staff.


Sam Matalone

COO, Alden Short, Inc. Sam is responsible for the day-to-day management of the company’s 2,500 rental apartments and houses and implemented new processes using technology to help staff create value for investors and enhance tenant experiences while scaling the business.

Brandon Reed

Brandon is one of the three owners driving the success of Real Property Management Tidewater. As CEO, Brandon is responsible for the vision and growth of the company. He takes pride in providing the best possible property management services.

Cassandra Rollins

Cassandra brings over 20 years of experience designing, marketing and selling SaaS solutions for global business customers of all sizes. She’s passionate about understanding market challenges and building solutions that exceed expectations.

Drew Sygit

Drew is the President of Oakland Real Estate Investors Association and has two decades of experience in the fields of real estate finance, real estate, and special assets.

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