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New Study Implications for Online Rent Payment

New Study Implications for Online Rent Payment

Roughly 1 in 4 U.S. adults don’t always pay their bills on time. Among 18 to 34 year olds, just over half are paying their bills on time.* Are you ready for the easy way to collect rent?
*NFCC 2015 Financial Literacy Survey

Make It Simple to Accept Rent Payments Online

"I need to order new checks, so my rent is going to be a little late. I hope you understand."

According to the Bigger Pockets blog, online payment systems leave "little room for discrepancies and eliminates inconclusive arguments between the landlord, tenants, and property managers." With simple electronic rental payments, tenants can login the day the rent is due and pay. The online payment system tracks who's paid and who hasn't and is quick and easy, eliminating the chance of a check getting lost in the mail.

online rent payment
Move all rent collection online to simplify property management.

Track Tenant Payments and Sync With Accounting Software

Do you know who's late with the rent?

Chronically late or missing rental payments can bring your business finances to a standstill. With property management software, you can track late or missing rental payments so that you know who's paid and who hasn't. Choose property management software that syncs with popular financial software programs such as Quickbooks so that you can organize your finances and have them connect with individual property management accounts.

Make Payments Visible With Tenant and Owner Portals

When payments are visible online, tenants know exactly what they've paid.

Tenants can also see late charges or other additional charges so that additional payments aren't a surprise. Tenant portals allow tenants to see their history with your company. Owner portals do the same for owners, allowing owners to look at the costs and the payments associated with each property. According to, "if you live far from your rentals, hiring a third party to collect the rent or an electronic funds transfer may be better options for you." Electronic funds transfer makes it easy for you and your owners to see who's paid what. Clear information simplifies rental payment discussions.

Stay Covered When Rent Payments Go Awry

What happens when a payment doesn't occur as planned?

You need to be able to quickly scan for missed payments and calculate late charges or other penalties. Get your software to do this for you. Your software can make collecting rent simpler even in more complex situations where deposits or other fees are due.

Online Rent Payment Solution from Propertyware

Our tenant management software will help you connect with tenants and track their payments over time. It will even make it easier for you to confirm rent payments with owners.

View a quick tour of Propertyware to see how our property management software can help increase the number of on-time rental payments that you receive every month.

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